I learned more this weekend, about the shoplifting problem while shopping with my wife, than I did about the Brexit talk I attended over in England.

I visited Cheltenham races in November recently as part of a work trip. She wanted to attack the shops for a few gifts for the kids. In one high street major store, she selected 2 garments to try on her self and when entering the fitting rooms, the attendant asked to check the items. Even though there were only two. The attendant, Sabine, thoroughly checked the sleeve of each garment and then gave the go ahead.

I quizzed Sabine,  as to what that was about and she enlightened me that people are always hiding additional items in the sleeves.

They then decide they don’t want the 2 main items and walk out wearing a T-shirt or blouse, they had smuggled into the fitting room.

Even worse, sometimes they bring in 3 pairs of jeans, return all three, but one of those is the used one they had arrived into the shop wearing, while they walk out with a new used Levi’s on their person.

This UK store is on the case, but I hadn’t heard of this before. All retailers, time to give your team a refresher on shoplifting dangers and how to handle any encounters.  Invest in cameras too, they don’t solve everything, but they are an aid. I’ll have to have a think about this for the Quickbooks program!

I hate to say it too, but remember it’s not always the customers who are the culprits!