Seafarer Tax Accountants

Do you qualify for a seafarer’s tax break? Are You uncertain as to What You Should Be Doing Tax Wise?

You may fit the criteria if you are an Irish individual who is working abroad in the marine industry, such as on a:

  • Ferry
  • Drill Ship
  • Cargo Ship
  • Cruise Ship
  • Oil Rig

Working on a fishing boat does not qualify. However, if you do not qualify as a seafarer, you may actually qualify as being non-resident if you are outside Ireland for more than 225 days per year.

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“Kevin and Annette have been very helpful in unravelling some of the problems I had with my seafarers tax. They have shown their experience each step of the way and their contacts within revenue have been invaluable.”

Irish seafarers working in the UK

Are you entitled to a 100% tax rebate as an Irish seafarer working in the UK?

If you’re an Irish Seafarer being paid by a UK company, it’s likely that full UK PAYE is being deducted from your wages. Seafarers, however, can avail of certain deductions which mean you could be in line for a refund; in some circumstances the refund can be 100% of the UK tax paid. You may also have to pay UK National Insurance but because you pay it in the UK, you won’t pay PRSI in Ireland, but you may owe tax in Ireland all the same. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Seafarers Earning Deduction (SED)

Could you be eligible for a refund under the Seafarer’s Earning Deduction?

Prior to 2011, the Seafarers Earnings Deduction (SED) was only available to seafarers ordinarily resident in the UK. However, subsequently the SED became available to all residents of the European Economic Area. Consequently, if you meet the relevant conditions you could be eligible to claim a significant refund.

Non-Resident Mariner

If you don’t qualify for SED but you’re not resident in the UK, you may still be due a refund in respect of non-UK duties. You should note that duties undertaken in the UK sector of the North

Sea are classified as being undertaken within the UK. As a result, no relief is available for duties performed in the UK sector of the North Sea.

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