Have you heard of Ethical Pension Funds?

Did you ever think about what your pension savings are invested in?  Did you ever consider that these investments potentially could be in industries you do not support such as the manufacture and sales of weapons or pharma companies who still test their products on animals. This had not occurred to me until very recently and I was mortified by my thoughtlessness.

We live in a more and more conscientious world were people watch what they eat, try to recycle and reuse and look after their environment. So why not extend this attitude to pensions and investments?

So I contacted my pension advisor Rory Nelson of Nelson Life and he came back to me very quickly confirming that an ethical pension fund is available here in Ireland. To change over to the ethical fund was also no problem and just required my signature.

Ethical pension funds are not the norm but the more people enquire and sign up to these the better more diverse the funds will become supporting Irish owned businesses and sound international companies.

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