Is there Vat on Training?

The short answer is sometimes. Schools and colleges never charge vat if you have to pay them for training, but for everyone else, there is vat sometimes and not on others. They type of training I am talking about is real training now, not training yourself to get up earlier.

The key point for training to be exempt is that it should be for something of use in a job or employment, and it also should be capable of being used in different jobs or employments. e.g. Training someone to start a classic car that they happen to own is not vat exempt. (Not many jobs going in that line).

What doesn’t qualify as training, and therefore 23% must be charged on is:

  • assertiveness training
  • belly dancing
  • recreational training
  • personal development
  • personal finance
  • lecturing
  • life coaching
  • management consultancy

What you need to bear in mind, is, is there a realistic chance of a job from this training. Most business won’t mind anyway as they can reclaim he vat, but if you are dealing with the general public, it will affect the cost they have to bear. (However, it is an investment in themselves)

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