If you or your clients who for one reason or another require a Business Valuations or Share Valuations. Feel free to consider myself for this task. Call or Zoom Me me for a Q&A.

I follow established methods, and will always agree fees and explain what’s happening in advance.

Typical Situations that warrant our services are:

I have a step-by-step system that helps eliminate stress and uncertainty for your clients. Once our services are engaged it is generally quite normal for me to have to obtain information from your client’s existing solicitor and accountant in order to complete the assignment. At no stage will I, or do I, solicit the client from you. If you think you or your clients might require our services, feel free to call me on 1800 476 984 or email me

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3 Examples of Business Valuations or Share Valuations concluded are:


Previous Client 1:

• A family built a business up over 30 years. The parents, and in particular the father, sought to retire and wanted to do this in a way that minimised the tax payable on the sons and on himself to whom he was transferring the shares. Retirement Relief was claimed. No CAT or CGT was payable on the transaction. This was successfully achieved and stood up to a normal Revenue Review. The key issue here was that the company was, and is, growing rapidly and that the problem would become larger the longer matters were delayed.

Previous Client 2

• A family of advanced years were farming successfully. The 3 children of theirs had moved on with their careers. 2 daughters would never be returning to the farm. One parent was potentially likely to have to go into a specialised nursing home in due course. If this was the case, the Fair Deal Scheme could erode the value of the Farm to the detriment of the family if there is less than 5 years between a connected transfer and admittance to a Nursing home.
Part lands were sold, Part lands were transferred to one child. The 2 children never to return, received money, the remaining child received the best part of the farm.

Previous Client 3

• This involved a business where 2 entrepreneurs had, on a shoestring, got planning permission and commenced an industrial project. Due to lack of banking in Ireland they sourced investors. Their project to date was valued and future recognisable value ascertained. They sold a large portion of their shares to external investors, but still maintained a controlling shareholding. The funds raised allowed them to complete the building phase and commence production, only a short time behind schedule.