Excel Spreadsheets can be dangerous. One wrong formula or address mistake can lead you off on a major error. If this has already happened to you you will know what I mean. Moving Excel  Spreadsheets to the Cloud takes nerve.

Constant cross checking and inputting. Then your accountant charges you more than you expect for having to put it in a format that they understand.  If you are considering moving to a cloud accounting package, we are the Quickbooks people.

I am a Certified Proadvisor based in Ireland.  I also am an accountant and can chat with your accountant to set it up in a way that suits both of you. Every package,  has it’s pros and cons, but if you want to check out quick books.

Just click this link and I will be in touch within 24 hours.

If you are already on Quickbooks, then just be comfortable you are making the most use of it. My 90/30 training deal is popular.

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Spreadsheets are fine when you are starting off. Great for projections and keeping track. As the business grows though, they are just too awkward. Time then to schedule getting your excel spreadsheets to the cloud.