Tax free expenses get many business owners into trouble.

Many Employers, think that by paying employees, or themselves, say €100 in tax free expenses to cover diesel, that they are ok. Nothing could be further from the truth.  This is fully taxable. Also, mileage can’t be claimed from your office, if your office is in the home. Grab a notebook and a cup of tea and watch my webinar here now.

The better I can help you understand the rules, the more I can help you do it right. Invest 23 minutes into yourself. You get your money refunded back if you are not happy.

I have created a 23 minute webinar on this subject which offers valuable information.

Follow this information correctly and you will see:

  • Higher profits
  • Happier employees and business owners
  • Better pricing in your business
  • More income to yourself, as you are not wasting after tax income on business expenses

It costs €25 to view but it could save you thousands if you operate this system correctly.

Understanding how to navigate tax-free expenses is paramount in avoiding financial entanglements!

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