Want To Hire The Right Person For The Job? Incorporate These Interviewing Tips:

A lot of company’s interview techniques are outdated and not conducive to discover the right talent. So let me give you some interviewing tips!

These are the top Interview Techniques used by James Ashford to build the high performing team in #GoProposal…

Send the questions to the candidate BEFORE the interview. Unless it’s a super high pressured job, that’s not a skill you need to test in the interview. So let them prepare.

Research them across social platforms before they turn up. Save or print out any particular posts worth talking about… good or bad. Always gets a great reaction 😮

Always explain at the start that this is a two way thing. Me seeing if they’re a good fit for us and them seeing if we’re a good fit for them. We want to meet them on the same level.

Find out what their weaknesses are, but make it clear that’s it’s not to see where they’re bad, but to understand how we need to support them and help them to flourish, should they get the job.

Give them your WhatsApp number so that if they think of anything afterwards that they wish they’d said, rather than kick themselves, they can just ping it over in a message or video before the end of the day.

If you’re interviewing for a sales role, regardless of how good they were, tell them there and then that they HAVEN’T got the job. You’ll quickly see whether they’re a good salesperson or not 🤣

If you hire the wrong person, fire them fast. You’ll likely know within the first week. Don’t let your ego and desire to be right, get in the way of admitting you got it wrong… even if it’s a few times on the bounce. Interviews are always a 50:50 at best, even if you’re good at them.

A big thanks to James Ashford for these great tips! Check out more from James here.


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