If you feel you need or your employees need Quickbooks training, here in Ireland, but are wondering where to go, we do it Online for you remotely. No driving or small talk. No managing the kids or work team. You will get more out of a focused one to one this way, than by being in a classroom scene with distractions.

This is typically how our Quickbooks Training works:

The sequence is:

  1. I review your QB to ensure the programming is in order (Takes 10 Minutes)
  2. We do 90 Minute scheduled on Line Training using Zoom
  3. You receive a recording of the training within 4 hours of completion or you get your money back
  4. 30 days unlimited support whereby we check in with you at a time that suits you to sort any issues that came up, since.
  5. Full Money Back Guarantee if not satisfied.


I have been using  and delivering Quickbooks Training in Ireland for 20 years plus, and my credentials are on these links below:


€250 is the fee for the Investment in Your Business

FreeFone 1 800 476 984 or drop me an email here


We are accountants ourselves, but certainly the better you understand the Quickbooks accountancy program, the more value you can obtain from your existing accountants, as they won’t be bogged down in charging you for book keeping and making changes that you might not be aware of. The Quickbooks accounts should match what you send the tax man and CRO.