//I’m a Company Secretary, Get me Out of Here!

I’m a Company Secretary, Get me Out of Here!

In the pre-bank crash days, a company secretary was often (if not usually), the person in the house who didn’t want too much involvement in the business. They simply took the role because it sounded harmless. They simply wanted to do their work and go home.

It always was a serious job, and now must be treated with that approach. In effect, it’s the duty of the Directors to ensure the Company Secretary has the expected knowledge and understanding for keeping company public records up to date. The penalties for not doing so are now punitive. Late fines, Personal fines and so on.  I attach the information leaflet from the www.cro.ie so you can see for yourself.

There is a solution: Hire someone else to do it.  Our sister company, Barry Accountants Secretarial Limited charges €290 per year for this.  Think about it, your mother will thank you for this.

Company Secretary Duties Leaflet


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