The first asset we have discovered in order to successfully move your accountancy practice online, is to be willing to have to an “Online Mindset”.

The Online Mindset

You need to start by considering how you will feel if:

  • Your own business accounts are up online
  • You can access your live client accounts online and be right alongside them instead of a year behind
  • Maybe even your business files are up online

This is a feeling that you develop which effectively declutters your office surroundings

Following on from this: How Would You Feel If:

  • You don’t need to be awaiting backups of client accounting programs
  • Asking them to refrain from doing anything on their accounts until you are finished
  • Restoring the updated file to their computer and hoping/praying they use it and don’t continue on with their old files

All the above could be avoided forever if you have your accountancy practice online and are showing clients how to follow you. (Many of your clients are probably online already anyway)

Bringing The Team With You

Your team and co-workers are vital to all this. If there are any fears, they need to be discussed and sorted out at the earliest point. You may find resistance to the concept. I once watched a webinar where a UK accountant couldn’t get the team motivated for the move.

She eventually bit the bullet and went ahead with the move to online: She had 19 staff at the commencement, a year later she still had 19 staff, but only 1 of them was a member of the first 19.
Best to minimize this type of disruption if you can:

What will it cost, and How long will it take?

It’s not a cost, it’s an investment:    From €10,000, and allow 3 months.

How we price the assignment is a combination of where you are at presently and where you are looking to get to: The spring in productivity you will experience will make all the difference.

If interested in discussing our services in moving your business online either Email me or even  BOOK a DISCOVERY CALL On Here.