The reason you may be tense before a meeting with your accountant is that often, people associate the accountant with bad news. However, we’ve noticed that once our clients are aware of the finances of their business, the stress associated with meetings lessen. This is due to the fact they are already informed and up to date with their accounts and avoid any potential surprises.

This is a 2 way street.

If the accountant is not staying in touch, they are slowly finding out the story themselves. This is why we use and love Quickbooks!
It allows you to keep an eye on client progress and make a short call or text message if you spot something. Be it positive or negative.

If you are already set up on Quickbooks, we also provide training for people who are looking to become more comfortable and experienced with the software.

At €369 for 4 months and less than €40 a month thereafter, it’s not about cost, it’s about attitude.

A few reasons why we recommend Quickbooks to our clients:

Real-Time Notifications

Quickbooks allows its users to receive real time notifications about their business accounts. These notifications help users stay informed about various financial activities and changes within their accounts.

Financial Organisation

Quickbooks helps businesses organise their financial data and keep it in one central location. Making it easier for business owners to track and manage their financial information

Expense Tracking

Quickbooks allows users to easily track and categorize expenses. It supports the uploading of receipts and integrates with bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial establishments to streamline expense management- letting you see where things are coming from and going from.

I install this in businesses all over Ireland and the UK.  Details here

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