Book keepers are the most important people in the “building accounts up”, chain. A diligent book keeper will keep their eyes open for what you:

  • are spending money on,
  • what people charge you,
  • making sure invoices are received and vat claimed.

That’s the diligent one. My experience is most won’t do that. They also won’t do anything that will “reduce or cut my hours”. That is to say, if an improvement in their work practices could lead to less hours being billable by them, then why bring it to their customers attention.

A great example of this is the Receipt Bank program 

It effectively reads your purchases invoices and puts them into your accounts and claims the vat and keeps a copy of the bill. (In seconds). I have mentioned this to book keeper types on many occasions. They don’t want to know, all for the above reasons. Even though they could potentially handle more clients and charge the same for less work if they were smart about it.

I am using this for years and have many raving fans. This 60 second video I made shows you how it works: Click Here


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