Beneficial Ownership means if you are a 25% or more shareholder of an Irish company, this fact needs to be now included on a central register before November 22nd 2019 or else they (the Office of Corporate Enforcement I presume) could prosecute you. More grief.

It’s easy sort out though, but not dead easy: This is the info you need to have to hand for each beneficial owner in a company, namely;

  • there are no filing fees and
  • you only can file online. Don’t forget now.  (If you need me to do it for you €75 including vat)

The list of info needed is:

  1. The Company name and CRO number,
  • then for each 25% beneficial owner
  1. Name (must be the exact same as your PPS number is registered for)
  2. Address (this must match the address on file with the Dept. Social Protection)
  3.  Date of birth
  4. PPS Number
  5. Details of percentage shareholding/voting rights in the company

Central Register of Beneficial Ownership (RBO) Website:

Click here to have a look at it

If you want us to do it for you we have a fixed fee of €75 including vat, but maybe give it a crack yourself first, just so you can see what’s involved.

Free Fone me on 1 800 476 984 or email me here here if any questions.