Selling a business or transferring it requires careful fore thought. For any business owner this will be a major decision and various topics need to be at least discussed:

  • Valuing a Business

There are various methods but essentially it will come down to the future earnings the business will generate whether the owner is there or not.

  • Tax Implications
    • Entrepreneur Relief
    • Retirement Relief
    • Business Relief


You can pay 33% tax on the gain on selling a business or avail of various super incentives that are designed to help ensure the business owners and their families continue to operate as a family business or at least do well out of the sale if the re is a profit to be made.

It’s not easy to value a business. For instance, a medical consultants business is only as good as the reputation of the consultant. Once he/she are gone, the business is gone. Therefore, without the owner it is largely valueless.

Also, if a pub is doing well at the moment, what’s the prospects of that continuing going to be based on?

All discussions on selling a business or at the very least valuing it, need to be discussed at the earliest point and the owner to be upfront on what’s on their mind:

  • Time frame in mind
  • What price they think their business is worth:
  • How the price might be financed
  • Who the buyer could be and how will they be approached
  • Is it a seller or buyers market at the moment


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