Another Edinburgh story! Is there a college course on “Hiring”?

My wife went perusing a Scottish tartan store on the Royal Mile. She particularly wanted to checkout a particular tartan from her ancestry.

she approached and politely asked the attendant if they had the Bogle tartan? The answer was:

just whatever we have there in the shop is what we have!

as she thrust her hand. A follow up question of: “where is Murrayfield from here” was answered with:

I am not from here.

Who hires these people? Who says, that’s the person I want to help me run my business? Do they know anything about training?

my wife bought nothing. Won’t be back ever and won’t tell anyone to go there? The point here is two fold:

  • when hiring, make it clear the type of person you are looking for, someone interested in what you sell, then
  • train them

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