Fast food is not cheap. Was it ever? Same with business.

Its been commented on frequently how expensive Fast Food Outlets now seem to be compared to what you get and how long it will stand to you.

Recently, I was traveling from Dublin to Galway with my teenage sporty sons the day after an exhilarating Leinster v Connacht pro 14 match. On the motorway, just before Applegreen a sign appeared saying Johnstown House Hotel, Food served all day.

For a change, I went there. Fantastic roast beef, potatoes and potatoes, easy parking, interested service, with an encouraging follow up Comment card. The lads ate everything and were not hungry an hour later. The bill was super reasonable at €36. I’ve never stayed there, but would now.

Following Christmas, many business owners should bear this in mind as they target 2019. Like tourists, customers will pay attention to what they  received. It’s easy buy the cheap T shirt, meal, or go with the cheapest quote but what brings them back will be the value they received.

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