These are the steps of what needs to happen, to make and get your claim in.:


Step 1 – Tax Registration: 15 Mins approx. to fill the form out and send through adobe

  • Request utility bill from client for details to complete registration
  • Client details – name, business name, address, eircode (This gets entered twice)
  • Electric or gas bills details ie: MPRN numbers utility provider etc
  • Business usage – determine how much in percentage relates to business use
  • Generate form for signing – send and then upload to ROS once back


Step 2 – Gather up (1 hour) – varies per client

  • Ensuring all bills (front & back as unit consumption is needed) are available for the periods outlined below for pre-claim and claim sections.


Step 3 – Completing the Pre-Claim section (30 mins) 

  • Submit the usage and cost information for the reference periods September 2021 to February 2022 so that the average unit cost can be calculated – enter 6 months of bills data: Start/End Date, Inv #, Units used and Cost per MPRN.
  • Bills to be uploaded (from memory is a little cumbersome)


Step 4 – Completing the initial return (From September 1, 2022, to date (5 months)  (15 mins) 

  • Enter the bill details for each of the reference periods for the claims for which you are now submitting: Start/End Date, Inv #, Units used and Cost per MPRN


Step 5 – Subsequent claims – per billing period (15 mins)

  • Adding future bills to subsequent claims


Any questions, feel free to contact us or even Book a Zoom