For any Book Keeper I meet, I find, it’s all about their “hours”. If anything would reduce that then they are not in favour of it. That’s why they tend to shy away from Quick books Online or Receipt Bank.  These are 2 tools that massively improve efficiency and make life easier for the business owner.

The thing is, if you research this method, move your accounts online, it will save you significantly, not just on book keeper fees but on:

  • storage of paper receipts
  • Accountancy Fees
  • Business mistakes that are normally caught too late
  • VAT bills

One only needs look at the conference on today at Accountex North in Manchester to see the choice of established online products coming down the tracks.

If you contact me here I can chat to you about it, but in short if you have a book keeper who is proactively pointing out and implementing better ways to do things then double their payment, because this is not something I have encountered in 25 years of practice.

As regards Quickbooks, I am a Quickbooks Accountant,I do:

For the craic, you should check with your book keeper about their opinion  on these and similar packages.