Irish Tax Residency is a complicated area, but it is not impossible.  There are many relevant points to be aware of:


Irish Seafarers Tax Explained 2020

Such as:

  • The dates of entry and entry in the Republic of Ireland, on a calendar year basis
  • Where you grew up (Domicile)
  • What passport you hold
  • What you earned
  • Where it was paid into?
  • Have you emigrated or not?
  • Where you earned your money? (Outside the EU, In the EU, North Sea?…)
  • What type of vessel you were on? (Oil Rig, Passenger Ship? Cruise Ship? Wind Farm? Aircraft?)
  • Is or was the vessel EU Registered
  • Who paid you and where are they based?

Essentially, Irish tax residency, will come down to whether you are or intend to be a Resident or Non Resident Seafarer. The more you know yourself, the better I can advise you. Revenue sets the rules, so it’s advisable to know and follow them.

It’s also very important to keep the correct records, of payslips, discharge books….

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Irish Seafarers Tax Explained 2020

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