Intuit Webinar Discussing The Benefits Of Quickbooks Apps!

I was invited by Intuit, the makers of Quickbooks Online to participate in this 2 part webinar with Jason Heng from Singapore, and Lauren and Hennie Du Plooy from South Africa. Particularly, I enjoyed speaking about the following Quickbooks apps:

I also managed to learn a lot myself. The panellists were very knowledgeable and thorough with their information. Certainly, I would highly recommend to anyone moving their practice or clients online to watch these again. Allow yourself to gain an insight into the functions of Quickbooks and its collaborative apps.

QuickBooks Online is a widely used accounting software, and it integrates with a variety of third-party apps to enhance its functionality and provide additional features. These integrations can help streamline various business processes. For example, Dext contributes towards expense management.

Part 1 is here

Part 2 is here

Have a watch of the above webinars! Even though I myself have good experience with using Quickbooks, there is always something to be learned, no matter how minor. The only way to progress is to keep on looking for new opportunities to learn!

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