The Orange App  on your phone is for Entering Bills. It’s called Dext (formerly Receipt Bank).

This accounting software saves tons of time in entering bills and keeping paperwork organised.

If you want a 30 day demo, I’ll get you set up within 24 hours on this program and on Quickbooks Online

Benefits of Joining Dext:

Huge Time Savings: By automating data entry and document management, Dext helps businesses save large amounts of time that can be allocated to more strategic tasks, improving overall efficiency.

Be More Organised: Dext provides a centralized platform for storing and managing financial documents, making it easier to access and retrieve information as needed, thus enhancing overall organization.

Automatic Data Entry: Enjoy the automated extraction of data from receipts, invoices, and other financial documents. This feature saves time and reduces the need for manual data entry.

Integrates With Accounting Software: Dext integrates seamlessly with popular accounting software such as QuickBooks. They work together facilitating the transfer of data between systems and streamlining financial workflows.

If you’re interested in trying it out, Click here for contact details and more details