Have you heard of the Get Connected Conference?

These days I am finding that it is the clients who are pushing the accountants to move online. You would think it should be the opposite!

Intuit, who make Quickbooks are having a 1 day virtual conference on how to move your accountancy business online:

When is it on?

  • November 18th
  • 9am to 4pm

I will be attending and presenting in a minor way on it myself, but the main speakers are all heavy hitters, who speak of the now and future. Not about, what they have done previously.

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We are currently moving 3 clients a week from desktop accounting practices up onto the Irish version of Quickbooks. Yes,, there have been hiccups. For example:

  • The vat change from 21% to 23% seemed to break the app for a while.
  • The 21% vat rate was 3 weeks late appearing, and
  • home made vat rates did not feed through to the Vat 3.

Their developers attended to these items promptly, and these issues were not peculiar to just Quickbooks either.

The main opposition I find is from book keepers. They are fearing for “their hours” instead of training themselves up to provide a better service and make them selves more valuable to a business. (Value translates into more money by the way).

Get Connected and Training

We also have a steady demand for training. Usually from business owners who have:

  1. moved online themselves,
  2. like the program,
  3. but are struggling with aspects.

The training is recorded, includes 30 days unlimited support and you keep you recording forever as you are likely to have to refer back to it.

If you want a Zoom Q&A to discuss your business, just book a slot here and we will email you the zoom links.

If it’s a quick query you can email me here.