Key changes to the Restart Grant Plus Scheme:

There have been some updates to the scheme.

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What This is About:

▶️€300m additional funding in addition to €250m previously committed.

▶️ Grant amount has increased substantially. Minimum grant is now €4,000 and maximum is €25,000. Previous grant amounts were €2,000 and €10,000 respectively.

▶️ Medium sized companies now eligible Companies with up to 250 employees can now apply (previously the grant was for companies with less than 50 employees).

▶️ Increased eligibility Non-rateable B&Bs, sports clubs with commercial activities and trading charity shops are now eligible.

▶️ Businesses that received a grant under the first scheme can re-apply to local authorities to receive additional funding.

???? For first-time applicants under Restart Plus, the minimum grant is €4,000 and the maximum is €25,000.

Applications to Fáilte Ireland, who will administer the funding to non-rate paying B&Bs, will open over the coming weeks.

 To qualify for a grant, the important criteria are:

▶️ A business must be commercial and in the local authority rates system (apart from non-rateable B&Bs who can apply to Fáilte Ireland);

▶️ It must have suffered:

  • a 25% loss of expected turnover between 1 April and 30 June 2020;
  • have less than 250 employees and turnover less than €25m;
  • It must declare its intention to re-employ staff in receipt of the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme.

???? Further details about the Restart Grant

▶️ The grant will be based on the amount of the rates assessment for the premises for 2019 (excluding arrears) with a new minimum grant of €4,000 and a maximum grant of €25,000 (Increased from €2,000 min and €10,000 max).

▶️ Eligible firms now include medium-sized firms and independent hotels with up to 250 employees, as well as small firms (increased from 50 employees).

▶️ Businesses impacted by a 25% reduction in turnover will be eligible provided they commit to reopening and to hiring and sustaining employment.

▶️ A turnover of up to €25m is now allowable, increased from €5m. There is a cap of €100,000 turnover per employee.

▶️ Commercial sports businesses and trading charity shops in rated premises can now apply for the grant.⚽️????⚾️????????????⛳️????

▶️The hospitality sector, restaurants, pubs, activity centres and tourist attractions, e.g., galleries,???????? museums ????are eligible if they are operating from a rated premise.

▶️ B&Bs???????? in non-rated premises will be eligible to apply for the minimum €4,000 grant from Fáilte Ireland.

▶️ A franchisee which is a financially independent company and is completely separate to the franchisor is eligible to apply.

▶️ Small company chains can apply if they meet the criteria of <250 employees and €25m turnover in totality across the company and all the branches.