The wage subsidy to business is just one of many, but it is vital.The never before experienced Pandemic Lockdown has led to never before experienced business supports.

Many employees don’t quite get it though and seem to think that:

  • their wages are unchanged
  • the employer has received it, not them
  • they still have to work while many of their friends are getting paid to stay home

The reality though is the employee is receiving all of it, and the employer gets paid back for paying the wage subsidy on behalf of the government. If the employer bows to pressure and doesn’t know the rules they will lose all the benefit of the financial support.

Lisa McNamara, our in-house expert explains the key traps to avoid here.

€25 webinar: Money Back if you think it’s rubbish

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The rules have changed a number of times already. At the start, it was straight forward enough to apply 

Mow, the big worry is how will people be able to pay it back. Brexit is coming, the Lockdown is still here, just increasing wages will collapse matters even further. In the webinar we go through the key items that apply now, If you are a normal business, you are either shut down or remote working, sales have dropped sharply and many of your current customers may not be in existence in 6 months

You will need that subsidy to keep going. It’s the living who write history.

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