PAYE Modernisation has been the biggest dramatic change by the taxman on Irish business in 60 years. It will bury many businesses, but others will flourish because of it.

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In 20 minutes, myself and Lisa McNamara detail in easy to understand language how the new PAYE modernisation system works and why it’s worthwhile hiring us to mind your employee payroll, freeing you up to concentrate on making money.

What we will run through:

  • Why has the whole system changed?
  • Difference between the old system and new in 90 seconds
  • Is it ok to get it wrong? No it isn’t
  • What it means to
    • Directors
    • Employees
    • Sole Traders
  • What do employees do?
  • Tell me about the massive fines?
  • My special PAYE Modernisation Offer to you

The way this all ends up is that this PAYE modernisation system is here to stay. You need to either invest in a payroll program and learn to use it yourself, or hire someone who knows what they are doing. This webinar is up to date.

Invest €25 in this 20 Minute Webinar and it could save you thousands.

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