This really suits builders and subcontractors who want to make money. In this half hour webinar, I go through why all business owners in the building industry should progress to using Quick books Online.

The tax man is looking for an excuse to take away tax clearance, this really helps, because your accountant can watch how the business is doing without having to hassle you, and can get get records filed.

I show you why Quickbooks Online really suits people working in the construction industry:  What I will cover:

  • How to Get Set Up
  • How I can train you, or someone you designate
  • What’s in it for you
  • Why Book Keeper costs plus aggravation tumbles
  • How you can really cut your vat bill by using this system
  • How your accountant can keep your tax affairs up to date without hassling you
  • The bonus program that reads your bills and enters them on the accounts system

Click Here to watch the webinar on Builders and Subcontractors

It costs €25. If you don’t like it, email me and I will refund you in full.

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After you watch this, I will email you a recording that you can watch again in case you need to go over anything!