If you’re an accountant or bookkeeper, here’s how you can unfile a VAT return in QuickBooks Online. But this option is not there for businesses who are users of Plus, Essentials or Simple Start at the current time.

Before you get started, there are some important things to know:

  • Only accountants/bookkeepers on the Accountants Version of QBO have the ability to unfile a VAT return
  • Only returns that are marked as filed or rejected in QuickBooks can be unfiled
  • Returns must be unfiled in chronological order, starting with the newest to oldest
  • It is not possible to unfile VAT returns that precede successful submissions
  • For any changes or corrections, for example, the VAT accounting period dates don’t match HMRC’s obligation dates or you made a mistake on the return, you’ll need to reflect the corrections in the next submission, not by changing the older filed return

This is how to unfile a VAT return in QuickBooks:

1. Go to Taxes and select View Return for the period you wish to unfile.
2. Follow the onscreen instructions to continue to unfile.

Managing exceptions and payments
For any VAT exceptions that have since been added, changed or deleted in the previously filed VAT period, make sure you download and save the following reports for your records before continuing:

To download the Exception Report for the period that needs to be unfiled:
1. In Taxes, select the dropdown arrow next to the tax period you wish to unfile.
2. Select Exception detail.
3. Review and Download.

To Download the Exception Report for any exceptions that will apply to your next VAT return submission:

1. In Taxes, select the dropdown arrow next to the current period.
2. Select Exception detail.
3. Review and download.

Once you unfile the VAT period, the transactions in the previous exception report will fall into the open VAT period.
If you need to recreate the exceptions, you’ll need to do this manually and refer back to the exception report. Learn how to create VAT exceptions and reports in QuickBooks.

There may be payments attached to your unfiled VAT return. If this is the case, make sure you remove any incorrect payments before you complete a VAT unfiling.

To do so:
1. Go to Taxes.
2. In VAT overview, select Payments.
3. Under the Actions column, select View.
4. Select Delete at the bottom of the transaction.

Now you can unfile your VAT return and make the correct payment.

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