Progress your  Quickbooks skills, and become a Certified Advisor, it is very worthwhile :

  • Signing up to Quickbooks Online Accountant
  • Do the Self Paced Training
  • Sit the Online Exam to get Certified

I explain what to expect in the exam, and it’s format on the below webinar.

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Becoming a Quickbooks Certified Advisor can offer many benefits. Particularly to those who work in accounting, finance or as a small business consultant. Quickbooks is a popular accounting software which helps business manage their finances. Being certified as an advisor demonstrates great proficiency with the program.

Demonstrates Expertise With Quickbooks

  • Having a certification indicates that you have a true understanding of Quickbooks software, its features and the way the platform operates.
  • This certification allows you to skilfully navigate the platform and offer valuable insights to your clients.

Adds Credibility 

  • Being a Certified Advisor for Quickbooks adds a great degree of credibility to your professional profile. Both clients and employers may have increased confidence in your abilities, knowing that you have received official training and certification.

Client Trust

  • Your certification can instil trust in clients, ensuring them that you have the skills to support their financial needs through Quickbooks. Many clients prefer working with advisors who are certified in the specific software they use.

Increased Efficiency

  • With in-depth knowledge of QuickBooks, you can work more efficiently. This allows you to streamline accounting processes, generate accurate financial reports, and help clients save time and resources.

The above are only a few advantages of becoming a Certified Quickbooks Advisor.