I came across the attached information on flight crew, but it very similarly relates to my Seafarer clients. Lately, I have had non resident Irish Seafarers, working within Irish waters for a period via a drill ship or research vessel, and they have had Irish Tax deducted from them by their employer as Source Income.

However, was the right treatment. Effectively these seafarers had come home and earned money here, even though to them, it didn’t feel that way.

Knowing where to pay your tax is crucial for several reasons, including:

Legal Compliance

  • Different countries have different tax law, regulations and filing requirements. It is important for tax payers to understand where to pay their tax and to comply with local tax laws and regulations.

Avoid Penalties and Legal Consequences

  • Failing to pay taxes in the correct jurisdiction can result in penalties, fines and other legal consequences. This is why it is essential with tax laws to avoid these negative repercussions.

Avoid Paying Double Tax

  • Understanding the tax rules of different countries, and more importantly the country you are in, helps individuals and businesses avoid double taxation.

Maintain A Good Financial Reputation

  • Adhering to tax laws and fulfilling tax obligations is crucial for maintaining a good financial reputation.


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Tax Treatment of Flight Crew Members 2022