This link provides access to an extremely informative webinar delivered by Quickbooks Trainers. They deal with different types of Quickbooks Online – Retail.

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These trainers aim to instil you with the confidence to comfortably use the tools within the Quickbooks Online, helping you account for retail and ecommerce clients.

It is extremely important to keep track of both your online and instore sales as a retail business, just as it is for any business. But Quickbooks Online can make this process easier for you, as they have a large range of tools and benefits available to retail businesses.

Various Benefits Include:

Sales and Income Tracking

  • QBO allows business owners to track sales and income. This includes sales tax, discounts and other revenue streams specific to retail.

Easy Inventory Management

  • You can manage and track your inventory levels, set reorder points and receive alerts when stock is low.

Expense Tracking

  • QBO retail allows you to track and categorise business expenses, including purchases of inventory, rent, utilities and other running costs of a business.

Financial Reporting

  • Generate reports that provide insights into your retail business’s financial health. This allows you to view statistics such as profit and loss statements, balance sheets and customised reports


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