8 Step Payroll Service 1 Week Timeline to move Online


SIMPLE… Everything!!! We emphasize from the start: early confirmation leads to lower charges, while late confirmation results in higher fees. We don’t chase people, as it’s a waste of everyone’s time. Our system, designed to complete the job without causing stress, requires your cooperation with our procedures. These procedures are crafted to minimize disruption and enhance reliability in completing your payslips on time.

For Enquiries: Our dedicated email address is payroll@kevinbarry.ie 

Payroll Service Consists Of:

  • Get your payroll completed on time, every time, or get your money back.
  • We’ll send your payroll to you four days before payday for approval, and we need your response within the next 48 hours.
    • If you approve within this timeframe, our fees drop a further 10%—that’s where we want everyone to be.
    • If changes are needed and made within the first 48 hours, no charges will apply.
    • However, for late confirmations or late changes, a 50% levy is added to cover disruption costs (zero tolerance rule)
  • We complete all submissions to www.revenue.ie.
  • Comprehensive PDF payroll reports are emailed every pay period.
  • We take care of all enrolment duties.
  • Payslips are delivered via email to your employees, and they can be password-protected.
  • We handle starters and process leavers.
  • You’re informed of payments due to Revenue and provided guidance on how to pay.
  • Enjoy peace of mind as your payroll is checked and verified for accuracy using our checklist system.
  • As your payroll agent, we communicate with Revenue on your behalf when required.
  • Year-end duties are undertaken
  • Payroll information is directly provided to your accountant at year-end.

Items to be aware of:

  • All 5-10 minute queries are answered for free. However, if it’s a more involved issue (e.g. Salary Increase or ‘what/if’ scenarios, then these are billed at €30+vat per half hour)
  • If you contact us after the approval deadline, this means late charges apply and the Revenue submission most likely will be late or missed and wages cannot be paid.
  • If changes are made after the first approval, the first change is free within the 48hr window period. However, if there are further changes, there is a 50% levy to cover the extra rework
  • If there are no changes after the first approval, there is a 10% discount applied to the agreed rates.
  • We work to scheduled timeframes, if you miss these there will be a per half hour charge of €30+vat
  • For Irish Based Employers, no Set Up Costs apply. However, with Foreign Based it’s €150 as it just seems to be so complicated. (aaaghh)


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