8 Step Payroll Service 1 Week Timeline to move Online


SIMPLE….Everything!!!  But we emphasize from the start that early confirmation means lower charges and late confirmation  means higher fees. Chasing people is a waste of everyone’s time. Our system is designed to get it done without stressing you or us out.

For Enquiries: Our dedicated email address is [email protected] 

We ask that you work with our procedures as they are designed to minimise disruption and increase reliability in getting your payslips completed in a timely fashion

  • YOUR Payroll Completed on time, every time or YOUR Money back.
  • Payroll will be sent to you 4 Days before payday for approval within the next 48 hours.
    • If that happens, our fees drop a further 10%. (This is where we want everyone to be)
    • Even if a change has to be made, as long as it’s within the first 48 hours, no charge.
    • If late confirming, or late changes, a 50% levy is added to cover disruption costs. (Zero tolerance on this one)
  • ALL Submissions completed to www.revenue.ie
  • Comprehensive PDF Payroll Reports emailed every pay period.
  • All Enrolment duties taken care of
  • Payslips delivered via email to YOUR Employees (Can be password protected)
  • Starters added & Leavers processed
  • Informed of payments due to Revenue & how to pay.
  • Peace of Mind – your Payroll checked and verified for accuracy using our checklist system.
  • As your Payroll Agent, we will communicate with Revenue on your behalf when required.
  • Year-end duties undertaken.
  • Payroll information provided directly to your Accountant at Year End.
  • Unlimited ongoing Payroll Support.
  • YOUR own Customer Support Contact

Remember the Items to be very aware of:

  • All 5-10 minute queries are answered for free but if it’s a more involved issue (e.g Salary Increase what/if scenarios then these are billed at €30+vat per half hour)
  • If you contact us after the approval deadline, this means late charges apply and the Revenue submission most likely will be late or missed and wages cannot be paid.
  • If you make changes after the first approval, the first change is free within the 48 window period, but if there are further changes, there is a 50% levy to cover the extra rework
  • If no changes after the first approval there is a 10% discount applied to the agreed rates.
  • We work to scheduled timeframes, if you miss these there will be a per half hour charge of €30+vat
  • For Irish Based Employers, no Set Up Costs, but with Foreign Based it’s €150 as it just seems to be so complicated. (aaaghh)