Keeping accountancy fees down is just a habit about keeping good records.

The same as having breakfast or not having it.

No matter what business you are in, you will always gravitate towards:

  • the better organised customer who arrives on time,
  • chooses swiftly,
  • pays you,
  • doesn’t complain and
  • comes back to buy off you again and again.

With a phone or video conference chat whereby you tell me about your business and how it works, I can give you a “no obligation” proposal of what being organised would be on a monthly basis. We are your remote accountants but you you will hear from us on a regular basis. We don’t handle your money, but we will be on the ball with your business because we get an earlier look at what’s happening.

Compare what I give you to what you pay already to accountants, book keepers and the time you yourself spend trying to be organised.  Your accountant will love you if you don’t bring in a mess.

Keeping good records is a good habit that the side effect is keeping accountancy fees down. Those are the habits to have.

Contact me here if you would like a 20 to 30 minute call on this.