Revenue have a completely new procedure for payroll services since January 1st.  They call it PAYE Modernisation.

  • You must tell them in advance
    • Who your employees are
    • What you paid them
    • and on what date you paid them
      • BEFORE you actually make the payment (Otherwise You Risk a €4,000 fine)

The idea is that there is no forgetting to add employees onto payroll, and secondly no going back fixing things up.  The right amount of tax to be handed over too.  If you are able to do this yourself, that is fine, if not some aspects I recommend you start considering:

  1. Pay your Employees Monthly, not weekly  (12 paydays are easier than 53)
  2. Pay them the same amount each time (hopefully this is practical)
  3. Know the real cost of an employee, so that you allow enough in your bank account to meet the tax bill.


It’s more administration for businesses. There have been a few free seminars around Ireland on this, but not many people have gone to it.

We do this service currently for people so this is what you need to do:

Self Employed Directors

  • Pay yourself once per month only.
  • Let it be the same amount per month
  • Tell Me 4 Days in advance
  • No dribs and drabs


  • Pay them a week in hand
  • This gives you time to find their tax credits out
  • Pay them monthly
  • Tell Me 4 Days in advance

If you would like me to handle your Payroll administration, from a cost point of view we charge by the payslip and per employee, to include all related documents:


  • €5 per  for weekly payroll
  • €8 for bi weekly
  • €15 for monthly payroll

All the above are per employee and per payslip and are are subject to VAT.

For existing Clients, set up is free. New clients have a once off €50 set  up fee.

If you would like me to handle your payroll, just Contact me Here

Sole Traders are fine, but Company Directors need to watch out too re this new system. Read Here


  • Payslips emailed to you and your employees
  • All Revenue Reports submitted on time
  • Revenue will dd the PAYE themselves after notifying you
  • Adding and removing employees from your payroll

Read our Payroll and Wage System Rules that show how it operates on here.

If you want to chat about this: Freefone 1 800 476 984 or Click Here to Email Me