If you are a business who imports or exports to the UK, you need to register your VAT number as an EORI number.  Letters flew out about this lately, plus loads of seminars were on around the country.

Did You Go?

If you want me to get this number for you :

  • Pay €75 securely by Credit Card on this link to my website:  Click Here
  • I will be in touch with any details I need from you plus automatically with a receipt!  (Vat is included in the €75 by the way)

Save Yourself €75 and Do It Yourself, Below are the Steps

Through My Account

  1. If you are accessing this service through myAccount, make a request for an EORI registration through My enquiries.
  2. Sign in to myAccount and make the request


Through ROS

  1. If you are accessing this service through ROS, you must register for customs and excise.
  2. Click on ‘Manage Tax Registrations’.
  3. Under ‘Registration Options’ click on ‘Register’ beside Customs and Excise.
  4. Enter all the details on the eRegistration form.
  5. There will be a check box option to declare if you are ‘importing/exporting goods to/from the EU’. If this option is not selected, click ‘Add To Your Requests’.
  6. Under the ‘Requests’ section, click on ‘Submit’.

You will now be registered for customs and excise.

Once you have successfully completed this registration, you can then apply for an EORI number through the same process outlined above.